Who Is A.C. Ping?

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Hi and welcome to my website! ACP

I am an author, teacher and philosopher.

The question that drives me is "How does one lead a happy, fulfilling and good life that follows an enlightening path and contributes to the greater good?"

In trying to answer that question I have studied the fields of existential philosophy, ethics, positive psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and ancient shamanic teachings.

Primarily I believe that we have free will and that through the choices that we make we have the opportunity to take responsibility for our lives and embrace our own freedom.

The problem is that many of us simply don't have the awareness to even recognise the opportunities as they arise before they pass quickly by, let alone the mindfulness and the courage to take action.

This is why I work with individuals on Self Mastery - the ability to master the internal battle between the self and the self - so as to live authentically.

Often what I have found is that people don't know what they want from life or how they wish to be.

Life lived like this is reactive and disempowering.

This is why I guide people on Vision Quests.


"I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be."

Albert Einstein


If you find yourself at a junction point in your life and seeking meaning - maybe you have finished a course, built a business, raised a family or achieved some long held life goal - it is time to do some visioning work.

I offer a structured Vision Quest Program that incorporates a series of thought provoking readings along with specific exercises. The program can be done over a four week period or in an intensive mode.

The key is to open up your life and tap into your passions.

To learn more about the Vision Quest program click here.

You can also read testimonials here

I also have a passion for writing. I have written 8 books - two on Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, a trilogy of personal development books - BE, DO and FAITH that have been translated into 11 different languages and are available around the World, and several E books.

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I have aslo written numerous magazine articles. You can read many of these online here

As the muse calls I write a blog called 'The Catalyser' - the aim of which is to share ideas and developments that will act as a catalyst to changing the World by changing people's beliefs. You can read the blog here.

I have worked in the corporate finance world and studied and written about corporate social responsibility and the role of the corporation in society. You can read articles using the link on the right hand side of this page and download a report called 'Engage' (written as a result of a Fulbright Scholarship I recieved) from the Webshop.

In working with corporations in Australia, the United Kingdom, Africa and the USA I have come to the conclusion that it is really all about personal change.

That the world will not be changed by Governments or Corporations but by the people who run them and work in them.

I know from working one on one with people that knowledge alone will not change them. But rather it is the ability to gain mastery over the self that will enable change to occur.

This is why I coach senior executives in leadership skills and teach personal mastery at University level.

You can read about my Executive Coaching programs here

or read testimonials here

If you wish to work with me I mentor a limited number of people in The Vision Quest Program and The Self Mastery Program. I also facilitate Strategic Visioning sessions and applied Leadership Programs for corporations.

If you would like me to speak at a conference, school or other gathering click here for examples of speaking topics and contact details.

You can also access the Self Mastery Program online here. It is free to access because I believe my destiny is linked to yours.

For more information email me info@acping.net

Above all, my request to you is to have the courage to follow your heart and be who you really are.

Because we are the ones we have been waiting for!


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AC Ping


"At a time of deep self doubt and questioning I was given courage to confront my fears, face the world asking the relevant questions, and look for the control I needed in my life. All of this was made possible by the inspirational approach A.C. Ping offered in his books BE, DO and FAITH.

From there I went on to have 1-1 coaching sessions which offered clarity of vision, defeating my perception that my problems stemmed wholly from victimisation and bullying within the workplace. Over a period of several months of coaching I was able to take ownership for my actions and build for the future by defining my goals. From this I now have a successful consultancy business in fashion retail and I am pursuing my dream of writing poetry and fiction. His books BE, DO and FAITH are a constant source of reference and support."

Fashion Consultant, London UK


 "…deep confusion brought me to encounter your wonderful book - 'BE' in a small bookstore in the heart of Hollywood, just last night. I have read it right through, and was deeply inspired to take action and make a choice in my life. As you state in the book, It did not answer any questions I have, but inspired me to not give up and search for answers that would make that choice an educated proactive one."


"I wanted to let you know that both BE and DO have had a profound affect on me over the last month. "BE" was able to consolidate my last 10 years of reading around the area of life purpose and direction. I read BE during a flight from Brisbane to Melbourne. I had clearer direction in my life when I stepped off in Melbourne…. The process of writing it down and beginning some small yet significant steps has been and is currently quite stunning"


"Just finished reading your book "BE" and have immediately started to read "DO". I felt the need to find you and write so I could express just how much your book has helped me and my way of thinking in just a few short days of reading it (I could barely put it down.

For the past 6 months I have had such a feeling of displacement in my life, questioning why I was here, what was my purpose and what did I really want to achieve. I feel so much more inspired by life now, I feel like I am taking a direction and am charging ahead to achieve my dreams - and how exciting it all feels!! The rear of the book says it all....it may just change your life."

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