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Posted by A.C. Ping
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Are you in a period of life transition?

Have you finished a course, scaled a mountain, built a business, raised some kids, or achieved another long held goal and are now wondering WHAT'S NEXT?

Have you lost the vitality that comes from having a bold, grand and inspiring life vision?

Take a DEEP breath and plunge into a 4 week program of thought provoking and challenging exercises all designed to get YOU onto your inspired life path.

You can do this program no matter where you are in the World. As long as you have an Internet connection we can talk face to face using Skype and I will guide you through the process.

The first session I will take you through the theory behind the program, how it has developed and what you might expect. This session is free of charge and obligation (on both sides). After we have met and gone through the material we will both go away and decide if we want to commit to working with each other over the following 4 weeks. It is important to make sure that this program is right for you and vice versa.

Week 1
We look at connecting to your Passions, what you believe you DESERVE from life and what have been the Defining Moments in your life so far.

Week 2
The Vision Quest exercise incorporating physical, mental, emotional, material and spiritual aspects of being.

Week 3
Connecting with FutureMe, Creating Milestones on the Journey, and Getting Beyond Thinking.

Week 4
Creating a Circle of Honour, Building a Daily Practice and Monthly Rituals to keep you on track.

  • You will have pre-reading and structured exercises that will allow you to envision a new future with an holistic aspect including emotional, physical, mental, material and spiritual issues.
  • You will address what is most important in life and what is stopping you from making it happen.
  • You will put together a plan to make it become reality.
  • You will develop a solid daily practice that will support you well after the program has finished.
  • You will have ongoing access to the resources on this website.

I will hold you to your truth and provide a solid sounding board for you.

The quest involves meditation, visualisation, drawing and other more quantitative planning tools.  It draws from the latest findings in neuroscience and quantum physics mixed together with ancient wisdom and ontological philosophy all rolled together and applied to the REAL world.

Quests can be done wherever you are in the World. You just need an Internet connection capable of running Skype. Total cost for the Program is A$2000 including all support materials.

Don't get to the end of your life and wonder 'What if?'

Every moment of every day offers you a new opportunity to create the future you wish for. So what are you waiting for? This Program will change your life - read what people who have completed the Program have to say

If you would like to know if this is for you then email me to book a FREE one hour Skype session. I will explain to you the theory behind the program and the process involved. You can tell me why you want to do the program then we can decide if it is suitable. 

You can also try a sample exercise by clicking on the link below

NEW Online Vision Quest Program

If you would like to go through a Vision Quest on your own then it is now possible to do the Vision Quest Program Online. For a cost of A$30 I will set up a user account for you so you can have access to the member site for one month.

This includes the 12 exercises, readings and the Personal Development Plan.

Please email me for further information.

For more information email

Feedback has included the following:-

"Alistair brings amazing clarity and understanding to one of the most
difficult things a human being can do- make change and design a vision to
lead a rich meaningful life.
I reached the age 46 and was finding myself at wits end, struggling to see
anything positive in the world.
The mental slippery slope down began following a major heart operation 5
years earlier. For the last few years I have found myself in and out of
depression, desperate to find my place in the world and just struggling to
embrace anything in life.

I found myself trying to make change but quickly sabotaged any efforts. So
of course my mind was ruled by negative self talk and poor self belief. I
had almost given up any hope.

After just having spent four weeks doing my Vision Quest with Alistair I
have finally been able to see the sun shine again. The work has given me the
ability to create a clear meaningful vision and be able to embrace every
little thing in life along the way. I believe this to be the clearest vision
I have had in my life.

I had previously done a lot of work and retreats in Buddhism, Yoga Tai Chi
etc but it was Alistair's ability to translate many of these philosophies
into a practical usable and skillful manner that made all the difference. He
understand the human mind very well and has the skills, wisdom and ability
to take us to where we all deserve to be.

Thanks Alistair you are doing some very important work and I look forward to
continue working with you into the future."

A new Permaculturalist, Environmental Educator, Earthship Builder and
Transition Town Facilitator!


"While cruising along in my consulting and renovation company but knowing that I was not following my ‘life passion’ I needed the impetus and a set of tools to help me find my ‘life passion’, commence the right path and then have a check list to determine if my life was running in synergy.

Then A.C Ping came into my life – Alistair has managed to break down life forces in to energy and energy consumption, simple mechanisms to allow new ideas and approaches to flow into your life, relinquish the need to dwell on past experiences, allow a synergy between right and left brain, encompass a vision for an ‘ideal life’ incorporating the nurturing of all areas of life and much more.

Alistair and I worked well together exploring the key aspects of moving from a reactive energy draining life style to a proactive energy conserving life style and finally developing a Personal Development Plan. Alistair’s practices are simple, easy to understand and very effective and in my case made vast improvements in happiness, time management, creativity, goal setting and achieving my goals I would highly recommend Alistair to anyone from people finding life difficult, to those ‘treading water’ and those who may need a few life adjustments – it is life changing.”

Vision Quest Participant, John Ellen, Managing Director.


"After reading "BE" I set about tackling the exercises and making a plan.

It looked OK on paper but I didn't really see myself doing it. I thought it would probably end up at the bottom of my desk drawer. After two, four hour one-on-one sessions working through the exercises and being forced to confront issues and work through ways and means, suddenly life was breathed into my plan.  It was not only a plan on paper, it was in my head and in my heart too. The techniques I learnt were simple but so very effective.

I felt very comfortable and feel I learnt things I can carry with me for ever. I look forward to a 12 month review next year!"

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