Principle One: Believe in Yourself

Posted by A.C. Ping
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The first question you need to answer on the path to Self Mastery is "Who do you believe you are?" And therefore "What do you believe you deserve from life ?"  Begin by reading the Theory.  Once you have done that your commitment this month is to spend half an hour per day on the core practice.

There are also links, readings and exercises for you to do.

Link: Theory

Link: Toolbox

Core Practice

The core practice for this month is to redefine who you are and what you believe you deserve from life by:-

  1. Rewriting your 'Self Story' with evidence
  2. Refocusing your brain on what you are doing right
  3. Choosing to love yourself UNCONDITIONALLY

Your commitment is to spend thirty minutes every day for the next month on the following:-

  • Write in your Journal for at least 15 minutes "I am.... and I know this because..."
    eg "I am a great friend and I know this because..."
  • Then write in your Journal "What I did right today"
  • Then address any residual criticisms by writing

"Even though part of me thinks I should have done... or I wasn't ... I CHOOSE to love myself unconditionally anyway"

Note that when you are answering the first question ONLY write down positive things.

Last - take the time now to read out loud everything you have written. When doing this don't get hung up about about the form - focus on the essence.  For example you might write in point form "I am a great friend because - point 1,2,3 etc"

Do what works for YOU.


No one can make you believe in yourself. It is something you have to find within.

As I have written in 'The Self Mastery Toolbox,' I believe that what you focus on is key.

That as you focus more and more on the good stuff you 'stir your energetic pot' so to speak and the 'bad' stuff or negative stuff is pushed up and out.

The resources listed here either provide you with more 'good stuff' to take in, or provide you with tools and techniques to get rid of the 'bad' stuff as it bubbles up.

Use these resources with the Core Practice detailed above and soon you will see and feelpositive changes.


Websites to sign up to for inspiration:-

Websites for Tools and Techniques

Articles & Books


For MP3s it's always good to look at Sounds True

Great audios include:

  • 'Your body is your subconscious mind' by Candace Pert
  • 'Advanced Energy Anatomy' by Caroline Myss

For videos see TED

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