Principle Two: Open Your Heart

Posted by A.C. Ping
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So now you have spent a month working on your Self Belief next you need to Open Your Heart because this is a feeling world we live in not just a thinking world.

The key question is "Are you brave enough to open your heart to the rich tapestry of life?"

And therefore "Are you willing to open yourself up to love?"

Begin again by reading the Theory. Once you have done that your commitment this month is to do the Exercises in the Toolbox and then to spend fifteen minutes first thing in the morning and fifteen minutes at night on the core practice.

Link: Theory

Link: Toolbox

Core Practice

The core practice for this month is to work on connecting with your heart brain.

Your commitment is to spend fifteen minutes every morning thinking about the day ahead and noting down any FEELINGS that you have about the events that will happen during the day. Pay particular attention to any feelings that seem to linger on the edge of your consciousness and be aware of any intuitive hunches you may have about actions that may be required.

Write these down in your journal.

At the end of every day spend fifteen minutes reviewing the day

  • How did you feel about what happened?
  • Were there instances where you had intuitive hunches about what to do or say?
  • Did you follow your head or your heart? and what were the consequences?
  • How closely did the day pan out according to the feelings you wrote down in the morning?


The resources for this principle build on the resources for Principle 1 - so you will find that books that link the mind and the body such as 'Molecules of Emotion' are listed here also.

There are also some great resources on the field of Neurocardiology and the implications for Self Mastery.

The trick is to recognise the power of feelings and the benefit of living an emotionally rich life .


Institute of Heart Math  Lots of great resources on this site including articles, research and tools.


'A New Neuroscience of Leadership: Bringing out more of the best in people' by Robert Cooper PhD, Jan 2001, Strategy and Leadership Journal also see the website


'Molecules of Emotion' by Candace Pert PhD  see the website

MP3s and Videos

For MP3s it's always good to look at Sounds True

Great audios include: 'Your body is your subconscious mind' by Candace Pert

For videos see TED

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