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Posted by A.C. Ping
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Now what?

I think that everybody has the ability in life to fulfil their will, to fulfil their desire. Whatever you can envision, you can create.
—Jeff Koons

Now you gotta MAKE IT HAPPEN !!!

So, here we go...

1. Self Assess

If you want to get somewhere else or BE different first you need to see where you are now. So as I have written earlier — take each of the eight Self Mastery principles and assess yourself. Then take the Vision Quest exercise and assess yourself out of ten on each of the five areas:

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Material, Spiritual.

How strongly do you believe in yourself out of ten? Is your heart open or are you afraid of being hurt or completely disconnected from your feelings? How present are you? Do you savour every moment and allow yourself to be lost in the flow or are you constantly worried about what is going to happen next and planning to live at some time in the distant future? Are you passionate about what you are doing? About how you are living your life? Are you doing something in your life that you are passionate about? Do you believe that you can be and do what you want to do?

Do you listen to your guidance and ëinner voiceí and then act courageously or are you constantly replaying past events and wishing that you had done something differently? That is, does fear or regret play a bigger part in your life? Do you have faith that there is some meaning in life and that right here and now you are getting what you need to get and that everything is perfect right now — even though you canít even begin to understand it? Are you willing and able to let go of the need to know and simply to surrender and trust?

Are you grateful for the gifts in your life or do you constantly whine and moan about what you have? How often do you pause and say thankyou to yourself, to others and to life? And finally there is love. Do you love yourself? Or are you constantly criticising yourself and focussing on the negatives? Do you have love for others and are you willing to be compassionate toward them and their life challenges or are you judgemental and critical of others? Do you love life? Do you stop at regular times during the day just to notice the wonder of life and to bathe in the pure joy of being alive? How did you go? Ten out of ten for lots of them? — Please call me I need your helpÖ Just kidding. Or maybe not...

Anyway — once you have done your self assessment then you need to take a moment and see if you are being delusional. You see the real test is whether or not reality reflects your assessment. Check if what you are getting reflects what you desire — remembering here that you will draw towards you what you need from the quantum field. So — if you have rated yourself ten out of ten for self belief but you keep creating situations that draw towards you people who proceed to suck the very life out of you — well then — you may wish to consider why that is the case.

2. What are you missing?

From the self assessment you will be able to see which of the eight Self Mastery principles you are lacking in or missing. You will also see what the key issues are that arise out of the Vision Quest. So obviously it is these areas that need most work. For each one answer the following questions:

  1. What is the specific issue in a couple of words?
  2. Write a brief description of it.
  3. Where would you like to be in six months with regard to this issue?
  4. How would that make you feel?

What I recommend is that over a six month period you donít work with more than three to five key issues. This will allow you to focus on each one with the effort that they require without getting overwhelmed. Everything is inter-connected remember? So working on your physical well being will help your self belief, and meditating will help your focus which will in turn help your work which will help you materially. For instance you might decide that the main issues you want to work on are:

  • Self Belief
  • Opening your Heart
  • Physical issues
  • Material issues

The key is to be focussed.

3. What are you going to do?

Back to the doing.

For each issue there are five areas that need to be covered to get you into committed action.

  1. People
    Who needs to be involved? Whose support do you need? How will you work together? How will you enroll people to work with you?
  2. Ideas
    What ideas have you got to make it happen?
  3. Resources
    What resources do you need? - $, information, equipment, etc. How will you measure success? What are the key milestones? How will you celebrate success? - include how will you thank the people who have helped you?
  4. Action
    What are the key actions you need to take?
  5. Breakdowns
    What's your plan if things arenít working?

As you go through this process you can pick your timeframes. So you might have an overall idea of where you want to be but you realis that you have no idea how long it might take you to get there. From going through this process you can however decide where you would like to be in six months time and therefore where you would like to be in a monthís time. Then you can easily see what you need to do this week and hence this day. Remembering always to ask — How do I need to BE to have this?

4. Put in place some daily rituals!

Self Mastery is essentially a retraining process so it can take a bit of time. Putting in place good habits and daily rituals is key to this. I recommend the following rituals:

  1. Meditation for focus and grounding
  2. Visualisation for planting the seeds of possibility
  3. Journaling for focus and redirection
  4. Intention Setting for focus
  5. Processing for letting stuff go

A great way to start every day is to begin with the four fold breathing exercise until you settle. Then move into focus meditation followed by the grounding rock visualisation. After this you can walk around in your ideal vision or just visualise your ideal day ahead. Lastly set your intention for the day.

All of this takes about half an hour depending on what state of mind you are in.

Then at the end of the day just before you go to sleep. Take a few moments to reflect on the day and see whether or not your actions have matched your intentions. If they have — congratulate yourself — if not, don't beat yourself up! Go straight into possible solutions instead. Taking some time to do journaling is also important. You can do this whenever it suits you remembering that the key is to write in your journal — what you are doing right, things that have happened to give you joy, and serendipitous events.

As you sit in meditation and as you go through the day you will also find that past issues may come up. Depending on what they are you will need to do some processing to let them go. The key here is redirection to a new story. If you find though that the old pattern or

behaviour is very persistent try asking this question: Whatís the payoff? What am I getting by continuing to tell this story that does not fit with what I consciously say that I want from life? If you can find the answer to these questions and then turn around the story you are telling yourself about what you believe you deserve from life then you can move forwards along the Self Mastery path.

These daily rituals may also need to be tailored to suit you and your lifestyle. If you have young children it may be very difficult to sit for half an hour in the morning and meditate for example.

The key here is to find something that works for you — no one solution fits all — try instead to do your meditation as soon as the children go to bed or if they are very young — when they have their daily nap. Make the long reflective time at night and in the morning simply take one minute to revisit what your intention is for the day and how you are going to BE.

Remember all of this is holistic as well — so you need to include the Vision Quest stuff in putting together your rituals. It may be that you need to have a daily run and this may be your time to be meditative. The key here is not to hang yourself. Work out what you need to do — the patterns and habits you need to get into. Be clear about WHY you are doing this. Then slowly slowly get into it.

5. Strength Training

Above all remember this: It is all about focus, patience and persistence. Keep asking — What am I doing right? Keep loving right now! Be gentle with yourself — this is not a race and trying to go faster will actually make you go slower... haha

A Final Word

So, we are at the end of this book.

Time to step up!

The world is changing, humanity is evolving. It’s no longer good enough to sit back and wait for things to happen. It’s no longer good enough to rely on others to take charge and do it for you.

Time for conscious creation. Time to change the world from the inside out.

So, make a decision to take responsibility. Make a decision to consciously create a new world.

Know that the way to do this is to change yourself and change your consciousness. Because we are all linked together if you raise your consciousness you raise the collective consciousness. If enough people raise their consciousness at some stage we will reach the ‘tipping point’.

I am here to tell you that point is very close at hand.

Make a decision to follow a Sacred Path through life. Embrace the mystery of the world, let go of the need to always know why and become comfortable in uncertainty instead.

Remember that belief is more important than fact — in fact belief shapes fact.

So change your beliefs and change the world.

“I know not who I am but I know who I might be.”
-Liyen Chong

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