Strategic Visioning

Posted by A.C. Ping
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As individuals and corporate leadership groups we spend a lot of time creating Strategic Plans that go anywhere from one year to ten years out. But how much time have you spent aligning your visceral being with what you THINK you should be creating?

How much time have you spent aligning your HEAD with your HEART so that you end up being rich in spirit as well as materially?

In your organisation - how much time do you spend making sure that the people in the organisation are aligned with your strategic plan? Not just becauase they have to be but because they WANT to be?

Strategic Visioning sessions are aimed at Linking Vision and Reality with Strategy.

They can be done one on one, with corporate leadership groups, or with teams.

As an individual Strategic Visioning sessions can be done face to face or via Skype.

If you wish to hold a Strategic Visioning session for a leadership group or team I can come to you or there are many fantastic places here around Byron Bay in Northern NSW that I can recommend.

For more information please email me on

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