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Self Mastery

"Alistair's Self Mastery Program is awesome. It takes work, anything worthwhile does, but if you let Alistair guide you it is well worth the effort. Alistair is genuine, intelligent and an all around good person.

He will ask the hard questions that most won't ask, but you won't feel challenged or threatened. You won't feel judged, only supported and empowered.

There is nothing new or earth shattering here. What there is though is Alistair's melding of ancient knowledge, modern science and street smarts to create a program that incorporates different techniques to help you on your personal journey of self exploration."

Eric Atchison
Doctor of Chiropratic


"When I sold my chain of 40 surf stores to Billabong my lovely lady Minna gave me 4 sessions with Alistair....... she felt I'd need some help adapting to my life post owning my own business.

I didn't feel I needed any help.......but as she had given me them for xmas I thought I'd go along......well here I am 12 months and 16 sessions later......obviously Minna was correct.

The best thing about these sessions......aside from some great advice from Alistair......is that he keeps me honest......once I've said I will do something he'll keep on me until I accomplish it.

He also asks the probing and challenging questions that others either won't ask......or if they do you might take the wrong way......so it's great.

It's my monthly reality check and I love it."

Wade James
General Manager Retail


"It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend the work of Alistair Ping, especially his Self Mastery Program. His work is powerful and useful because he combines age-old wisdom with contemporary science, common sense, and down-to-earth approachability. His Self Mastery Program is a complex and comprehensive collection of ideas and tasks that dive deep into the core of a person's being, tackling difficult issues and challenges with the intensity they deserve, giving the reader a greater chance of success.

Alistair does not write nor speak arrogantly from the mountain top, nor based on cold “fact-based” theory. Instead his ideas and methods come from experience; he's been deep in the mud and high among the clouds, so he knows what works and what won't. He is part wise old shaman, part modern-day scientist, part businessman, philosopher and curious student of life, a unique combination that makes his message compelling and useful to people in all walks of life.

In my work with him, I've also found him to be in tune with contemporary business practices and theories, very technically savvy, and also very open to new ideas and possibilities. On top of all that, he's also a very friendly, nice person who's easy to work with."

Ted Kusio, Interactive Creative Director, New York USA


"A.C. Ping's 8 Principles of Self Mastery are priceless. Working with Alistair has transformed my life in many dramatic ways. Living in the present has enabled me to let go of the how and why and be in flow so I can release the outcome, a deeply intuitive message that I take on my journey every day. Alistair's work enables me to work through challenging situations that are present in everyday life, broadening my horizon even more than I could possibly imagine. Magical work with a magical person!

Deborah Campell, Business Development Director, London UK


"It is with much pleasure that I acknowledge Alistair Ping as being truly inspirational in my life I met Alistair several years ago where he attended a number of Shamanic programs I was running. We had an instant connection and have built a strong friendship ever since.

Through the time I have known Alistair I have read his books “Be”, “Do” and “Faith”. I have found Alistair’s books to be an inspiration to my journey and a great source of reference.

I participated in Alistair’s Self Mastery Program throughout 2009 and found the program to be a fantastic tool of self development, achieving all the goals and visions I had set for both my personal and professional life.

I have seen Alistair share strong, unique enthusiasm combining knowledge, communication and encouragement for myself and all he works with.

If you are looking to develop a high degree of self-worth, self-esteem and self-understanding I truly recommend his Self Mastery Program as Life Transformational.

Walk In Beauty A.C. Ping"

Peter Bowden, Sunrise Drums & Earth Medicine Teachings, Shamanic Personal Development, NSW Australia


"Wow is the first word that comes to mind! What an amazingly beautiful change in myself thanks to the self mastery program. It has given me clear direction on so many levels from 'dealing with my teenage children' to organizing my future career path and so much more! The most rewarding part is really doing it yourself with the genuine support you need and realizing what a positive change you can make.

Alistair is a wealth of knowledge and positive guidance. He incorporates many different styles of help to make it a very personal journey of self exploration. I would recommend self mastery to everyone even stubborn people like myself that think they don't need any help'. So to everyone out there do yourselves a favour and take up the challenge you will love yourself for it and start REALLY enjoying every minute of your life."

Ginny Mobbs, Herbalist, NSW, Australia


"A.C. Ping took me on a journey of Self Mastery and Self Exploration. I found his style and support to be very positive, encouraging and motivating. The program has contributed towards a wonderful change in both my professional and personal life. I have grown as a person and as a leader, and I have developed skills that now help me through some difficult & challenging situations. I really enjoyed the time spent with A.C. and the journey we took together. The outcome is very satisfying and I would highly recommend the program."

Senior Marketing Executive, Adelaide, Australia


"At a time of deep self doubt and questioning I was given courage to confront my fears, face the world asking the relevant questions, and look for the control I needed in my life. All of this was made possible by the inspirational approach A.C. Ping offered in his books BE, DO and FAITH.

From there I went on to have 1-1 coaching sessions which offered clarity of vision, defeating my perception that my problems stemmed wholly from victimisation and bullying within the workplace. Over a period of several months of coaching I was able to take ownership for my actions and build for the future by defining my goals. From this I now have a successful consultancy business in fashion retail and I am pursuing my dream of writing poetry and fiction. His books BE, DO and FAITH are a constant source of reference and support."

Fashion Consultant, London UK


"Alistair’s brilliant and being in his company made me feel at ease. With his help I clarified my vision for myself and overcame hurdles that previously seemed insurmountable.

I have made numerous significant improvements in my personal life and in my business thanks to Alistair and his self mastery system. His unique system contains practical knowledge and insights that I have not seen anywhere else in other programs and it works.

Don’t hesitate just do it because you will not regret it."

David Nowland, Psychologist and Peak Performance Specialist, Queensland Australia


"Since doing the Self Mastery program I have seen so many changes in myself. My self worth has sky-rocketed and my art practise is becoming what I dreamed it could be. Alistair’s incredible mentoring skills, his program and the results I have seen from applying the tools are exceptional! I wish it was something that everyone could do. I wish it was taught to all our kids in school!"

Jhana Bowen, Artist


Executive Leadership Development and Coaching

"As well as being a great person to work with, Alistair is also a highly skilled and extremely intelligent facilitator and coach. He is an expert in Leadership and brings a wealth of experience from his dealings with both individuals and large international Organizations. As a consultant he was exceptional. He facilitated both large and small group sessions for us and related well to staff at all levels. Because of his broad experience and his sometimes “out of the box” thinking he has the ability to get to the heart of an issue and drive change. I highly recommend Alistair."

Jeannette Lang, Learning Services Group Manager and CO of Transfield Services RTO



"I loved the days in High School when I would come home and my Mother was waiting with tea and time to have a chat about just anything that was important to us. It was great to talk with somebody who knew me inside out, had more life experience and plenty of wise lessons. These hours helped me to shape my life.

Now, several decades later, I really look forward to my monthly sessions with Alistair. Although in a totally different way these sessions serve the same purpose. Alistair is a master in guiding me to shape my talents in such a way they lead to happiness and success whether it be in business or family life."

Senior Strategy and Planning Manager, Australia


"Our interstate business was growing strongly but the team responsible for a large amount of the work was under stress, with interpersonal relationships severely stretched. Tension at work was high and the personal health and performance of the team members began to suffer. There were a string of historical factors at play - performance, people and business issues that had not been effectively dealt with led to an impasse between management and staff.

Individually, the manager and team members showed a strong desire for things to be different but none of them could see a clear path to improve the situation and their motivation to seek change was at an all time low. It was obvious that some fast and constructive intervention was required.

A thorough team review and skilled counseling from our internal HR consultant identified the most effective way to create a fast change was to empower and motivate the local manager to lead from the front and create the change the team needed.  Through her recommendation we engaged Alistair to undertake a 6 month executive coaching program.

What can I say? The transformation was amazing at both a personal and team level. The individually adapted approach provided by A.C. cast a new light on the situation and empowered the initially skeptical manager to not only challenge and change their own behaviour and responses, but to take responsibility for setting standards for the team.

Over a short period of time, they moved from a closed, individual and quite often hostile group to an open, communicative and collaborative team that were able to enjoy and create more success - all instigated by the management turn around.

Twelve months later, it's hard to believe this group of motivated and happy people is the same team we despaired of. I'm very glad Alistair was part of our team."

KPMG Australia


"Whilst employed as Group Organisational Development Manager at Metcash Ltd, I utilised Alistair's services on a number of professional development programs, the most significant of which were two residential programs - The Metcash High Performing Manager Program and The Metcash Executive Leadership Program.

In both these programs Alistair was involved in the development of materials and the delivery of sessions on Leadership and Personal Development. He was also involved in providing post program support through telephone and face to face coaching.

I have the highest regard for Alistair's work which I find to be innovative, challenging and most importantly results driven. I have no hesitation in recommending Alistair as a Leadership trainer and Coach."

Steve Wilson, Organisation Capability Manager, PepsiCo Australia and New Zealand.


Vision Quests

"Alistair's Vision Quest is by far the best and most grounded program of its type that I have undertaken. It has encouraged me to be brutally honest with myself about what is important to me, and conversely about what I will no longer accept in my life. It has helped me to 'join the dots' to understand some particularly challenging work and life experiences of late, and left me refreshed and revitalised ready to turn over the new leaf that is the next part of my life. Alistair is a wonderful and experienced facilitator with a great sense of humour and a big heart. I would highly recommend the Vision Quest program as essential strategic planning for the soul!"

Peter Morgan, Bangalow NSW

"Alistair brings amazing clarity and understanding to one of the most
difficult things a human being can do- make change and design a vision to
lead a rich meaningful life.
I reached the age 46 and was finding myself at wits end, struggling to see
anything positive in the world.
The mental slippery slope down began following a major heart operation 5
years earlier. For the last few years I have found myself in and out of
depression, desperate to find my place in the world and just struggling to
embrace anything in life.

I found myself trying to make change but quickly sabotaged any efforts. So
of course my mind was ruled by negative self talk and poor self belief. I
had almost given up any hope.

After just having spent four weeks doing my Vision Quest with Alistair I
have finally been able to see the sun shine again. The work has given me the
ability to create a clear meaningful vision and be able to embrace every
little thing in life along the way. I believe this to be the clearest vision
I have had in my life.

I had previously done a lot of work and retreats in Buddhism, Yoga Tai Chi
etc but it was Alistair's ability to translate many of these philosophies
into a practical usable and skillful manner that made all the difference. He
understand the human mind very well and has the skills, wisdom and ability
to take us to where we all deserve to be.

Thanks Alistair you are doing some very important work and I look forward to
continue working with you into the future."

A new Permaculturalist, Environmental Educator, Earthship Builder and
Transition Town Facilitator!


"While cruising along in my consulting and renovation company but knowing that I was not following my ‘life passion’ I needed the impetus and a set of tools to help me find my ‘life passion’, commence the right path and then have a check list to determine if my life was running in synergy.

Then A.C Ping came into my life – Alistair has managed to break down life forces in to energy and energy consumption, simple mechanisms to allow new ideas and approaches to flow into your life, relinquish the need to dwell on past experiences, allow a synergy between right and left brain, encompass a vision for an ‘ideal life’ incorporating the nurturing of all areas of life and much more.

Alistair and I worked well together exploring the key aspects of moving from a reactive energy draining life style to a proactive energy conserving life style and finally developing a Personal Development Plan. Alistair’s practices are simple, easy to understand and very effective and in my case made vast improvements in happiness, time management, creativity, goal setting and achieving my goals I would highly recommend Alistair to anyone from people finding life difficult, to those ‘treading water’ and those who may need a few life adjustments – it is life changing."

Vision Quest Participant, John Ellen, Managing Director.


"A.C. Ping led me through a process to create Vision for my business 7 years ago. The results were very valuable short term to clarify my purpose and have been absolutely vital in the realisation of my goals. I commend him and the process."

Vision Quest Participant, Katherine Teh-White, Managing Director, Futureye


"After reading "BE" I set about tackling the exercises and making a plan. It looked OK on paper but I didn't really see myself doing it.  I thought it would probably end up at the bottom of my desk drawer.  After two, four hour one-on-one sessions working through the exercises and being forced to confront issues and work through ways and means, suddenly life was breathed into my plan.  It was not only a plan on paper, it was in my head and in my heart too. The techniques I learnt were simple but so very effective. I felt very comfortable and feel I learnt things I can carry with me for ever. I look forward to a 12 month review next year!"

Vision Quest Participant, Queensland, Australia


Re-invention Retreats

"This is powerful work, deeply intuitive and yet firmly grounded in the real world - a synthesis of eternal truths and cutting edge technologies - which facilitated for me a profoundly transformative experience in a most fun and enjoyable environment."

Re-invention Retreat Participant, Northern NSW, Australia


"This retreat was a life changing experience because it helped me to focus and get clear and then gave me the skills required to facilitate change."

Re-invention Retreat Participant, Northern NSW, Australia



"…deep confusion brought me to encounter your wonderful book - 'BE' in a small bookstore in the heart of Hollywood, just last night. I have read it right through, and was deeply inspired to take action and make a choice in my life. As you state in the book, It did not answer any questions I have, but inspired me to not give up and search for answers that would make that choice an educated proactive one."


"I wanted to let you know that both BE and DO have had a profound affect on me over the last month. "BE" was able to consolidate my last 10 years of reading around the area of life purpose and direction. I read BE during a flight from Brisbane to Melbourne. I had clearer direction in my life when I stepped off in Melbourne…. The process of writing it down and beginning some small yet significant steps has been and is currently quite stunning"


"Just finished reading your book "BE" and have immediately started to read "DO". I felt the need to find you and write so I could express just how much your book has helped me and my way of thinking in just a few short days of reading it (I could barely put it down!).

For the past 6 months I have had such a feeling of displacement in my life, questioning why I was here, what was my purpose and what did I really want to achieve. I feel so much more inspired by life now, I feel like I am taking a direction and am charging ahead to achieve my dreams - and how exciting it all feels!! The rear of the book says it all....it may just change your life."


"Your book is AMAZING in so many ways and I’m so glad that my eyes spotted that little green simple book at the bookstore and I had no idea that it would align me so perfectly and give me the confidence and motivation to live my life to its fullest potential. I am honored to share your book with everyone that I come in contact with and I’m proud to promote your work very much indeed...

In the film Unbreakable directed by M. Knight Shymalan, Samuel L. Jackson’s character Elijah Price states “You know what the scariest thing is? To not know your place in this world. To not know why you're here...That's... That's just an awful feeling.”  That pretty much sums up what you talk about in your book.  In order for us to be happy and to achieve our dreams, WE have to be the source of our vision and values and I believe that will give us the strength to find our place in this world. Thank you again for writing such an extraordinary and influential book."


"I've read all three of A. C. Ping's books in this "series": BE, DO, and FAITH. Now, I am going to re-read them all and try to put what I've learned into daily practice. Not that Ping is trying to give you 5 easy steps to enlightenment or anything like that... rather, he provides clarity and insight on many of the things that hold you back and drag you down, and points the way toward a healing, all-encompassing kind of faith--not limited to a particular religion or religion in particular.

What makes Ping's voice so unique: He walks a tightrope above New-Age, Pseudo-Science, and Religion... but walks the tightrope exceedingly well. He never falls into the safety net of what has already been said a million times in a million self-help books. His voice is fresh without being trendy or commercial. He spices things up with the occassional curse word or two.

He's down-to-earth, witty, and doesn't try to be your guru. He's more like a great friend who offers wonderful perspective and insight without coming across as a flawless, know-it-all. So rare!! I recommend these books highly! Start with BE, follow up with DO, and then feel the refreshing healing in FAITH. You won't regret it!"

Review of the books on Amazon.com


"Like many, my e-mail box is stuffed with aphorisms, witty sayings, proverbs and quotes from friends, students and colleagues. Many of these say pretty much the same thing, but use different kinds of expression. So I just delete most of it.

As well, in picking-up Ping's little book, I thought I would find in its pages pretty much the same old thing - a colorful and perhaps even childish account of the nature and meaning of faith. But I was wrong. Ping's book is neither a collection of feel good pap, nor is it a complicated essay filled with obscure theological "insights."

His messages are simple, powerful, democratic - and needed. What are those messages? We have a reason to be here even if we don't understand it. Our lives matter, even if we don't think so at times. We can change our lives radically, even when we are afraid, or we can let the fear control us.

We will face challenges when transforming ourselves, even loneliness and despair and thoughts that we have done something monumentally stupid, but all of that can be used to teach us important lessons as we look to become what our spirits are calling us to become. We can stop being afraid, because there is nothing to be afraid of - not really. And, we must learn to trust events rather than try to control all the details of the journey.

Regardless of your religious tradition, Ping's words can ring true. But first, you must have a little faith. Just a little. For, according to Ping, a little faith goes a long way."

Review of 'Faith' on Amazon.com


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