Do You Suffer From Drama Syndrome?

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“We are growth seeking beings – if you don’t consciously seek growth opportunities your subconscious will create them for you and the easiest way is through drama”

According to scientists the Universe is constantly expanding. From a Quantum Physicists perspective we are intimately related to ALL of the Universe through the principle of entanglement so therefore as the Universe expands surely we must expand also?

One could argue that this expansion is occurring on a physical level as we collectively get bigger and stronger but what I’d like to focus on here is the expansion in consciousness.

From an existentialist perspective we must always be full, we can’t be part of who we are we must always be all of who we are – whether this be good, bad or ugly. From a ‘being’ perspective then, and in relation to the notion of ‘being’ in the three worlds of the Past, the Present and the Future – we must always be 100% also. So we can ‘be’ 95% in the Past/Present loop (as most of us are) and 5% in the Future/Present loop – or – we can shift to 70% Past/Present and 30% Future/Present – which to my way of thinking is a better balance as you are then spending about a third of your time actively creating what you want to create in the world and the other two thirds ‘putting it to bed’ and making it part of your routine.

Now if we think about all of this from the perspective of being growth seeking beings who are consciously or subconsciously seeking to expand then the question to ask is: where are my opportunities for expansion?

The Past has already happened so all we can change about it is our interpretation. We can ‘Walk between the Worlds’ to resolve issues that have occurred and release some of the trapped energy from them but we can’t expand our consciousness.

Expansion needs to occur in the Future realm by actively creating new areas for growth through putting ourselves ‘out there’ in challenging situations. From the perspective of ‘holding space’ this would mean being able to hold a bigger space.

The paradox of all this is that part of us seeks certainty and security. Part of us is quite happy with the way things have always been. Part of us is comfortable with our fixed view of the world that we have developed over the years of our lifetime. Part of us is comfortable being safe and knowing how the world works – no matter how dysfunctional and disempowering this may be.

The simple fact is that it is SAFE to remain going around and around in the same old habits and routines. Doing the same old things day after day. Thinking the same thoughts, holding the same opinions about things and doggedly defending our fixed view of the world lest anybody get any ideas and start to rock the boat.

To step over into the realm of Future/Present living is by definition SCARY! There is no evidence to support some of the things you may want to create. There is no evidence to support the new way that you would like to BE. Lots of other people that you know – who have been quite happy to support your old LIMITED view of yourself – are quite willing to throw rocks at you if you dare to step out of the comfort zone and propose that there may be another more expansive way of living.

So why not just retreat back to the safe space of ‘the way things have always been’ and resign yourself to living that way?

That would be the easy way – EXCEPT for this deep seated impediment to expand…

So what happens?

Well in the absence of the courage required to consciously push ourselves ‘out there’ and create opportunities for growth, I’d suggest to you that our subconscious does it anyway. The problem is that the easiest way to promote opportunities for growth is through drama and conflict so guess what the subconscious creates?

Ho hum…

I think that we all have a required ‘quota’ for expansiveness which can be filled by either growth generating expansive experiences or drama.

If we are not ‘putting our self out there’ enough, trying new things, facing our fears and exploring new ways of being then we fill our quota with drama instead.

Now I’m not suggesting that we all have the same quota. Everyone’s different and factors such as early childhood experiences, genetics and karmic influences all mix together to create each and every one of us as unique individuals.

BUT what I am saying is that we all have a choice as to how we wish to fill our quota. It may seem easier to remain in the ‘safe zone’ but that just leaves us open to catching Drama Syndrome.

If you have Drama Syndrome it means that when even the slightest little things go wrong it sends you into a major spin and you turn it into a big drama. The eschewing drama becomes so big that it prevents you from doing what you want to do and as such you become a powerless victim to circumstance unable to create what you want.

You HAVE however, created the emotional juice that you need to FEED your consciousness and trick it into feeling like you have had an expansive experience.

AND you have created a great excuse for why you can’t do what you really want to do.


Check for yourself – think about the times in your life when things were going really well for you and you were ‘in flow’ with things, taking on every challenge that was presented to you. Were you surrounded by drama that you just couldn’t get away from? Or did the people and events that you associate with drama seem to just drop away from your life?

So my hypothesis is this:-
We are growth seeking beings all trying to expand our consciousness. All of us have a ‘quota’ that can be filled by either expansive experiences or drama. If we don’t consciously create expansive experiences that take us out of our comfort zones and trigger growth then we will subconsciously create drama in our lives to generate emotional juice.

Drama Syndrome occurs when you’ve become so fixed in your ways and so tied into a victim story that you see yourself as powerless, refuse to take any responsibility for what’s going on in your life and consequently fill your quota with drama. This drama can be through turbulent relationships and confronting experiences which – instead of seeing as challenges to face and embrace and learn and grow from – you turn into a massive drama in which you are the victim.

The flip side of this is the life of the Spiritual Warrior.

As a Spiritual Warrior you understand that human consciousness has a need to expand so no matter what happens in your life, no matter how confronting or challenging – you simply see it as a new opportunity to expand. You face your fears as they arise and consciously choose to step into the void which is the Future, never expecting to know what is going to happen next but always willing to put yourself out there beyond your comfort zone anyway.

You never see yourself as a victim. You take full responsibility and you never judge what has come to you. You know that even though you don’t understand what is going on or why, you know that it is absolutely perfect exactly as it is so you RELEASE the need to ‘work it out’.

As you EMBRACE the world and the challenges that come to you, the drama leaves your life to be replaced by a DEEP sense of PEACE arising from the knowledge that you are stepping UP and INTO a bigger space of consciousness.

So, here’s my challenge to you.

For the next 30 days how about taking the Spiritual Warrior’s Challenge?

At the start of the 30 days consciously set your intention that:-

“For the next 30 days I will be a Spiritual Warrior by facing my fears and embracing the experiences that come to me, acting on my intuition with courage, never needing to know why things are happening and taking responsibility for everything knowing that all is perfect exactly as it is”

Write it in your journal, stick it up on a wall somewhere, write it on your bathroom mirror – whatever works for you.

Then every morning before you get out of bed:-

  • Refresh your intention to be a Warrior
  • Release the need to work things out
  • Allow yourself to go with the flow
  • Set your intention to follow your intuition and guidance by acting on it without needing to know why.

At the end of thirty days reflect on the level of drama that has been in your life versus the number of expansive experiences.

Then email me at and I’ll share your feedback.


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