Let Go of Control

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“Time is a storm in which we are all lost"
William Carlos Williams

Act With Intention, Strengthen Your Will, Hold Space - Let Go Of Control...

Yes this is 'Take a deep breath time'...
Fixed thinking holds us in the repetitive recreation of past patterns. We are hardwired to look for patterns and our left brain desperately tries to make sense of the World so we can feel safe and comfortable.

Reflect back to the notion of 'being' and the 3 worlds in which we exist - the Past, the Present and the Future. Left brain seeks certainty and safety - Left brain is always trying to 'work it all out' - Left brain is rational, logical and reasonable - Left brain sticks you firmly in the Past/Present step by step reactive continuous improvement way of life.

Reason is the last refuge of the rational backward looking mind.


3 Domains


To create the unknown future is to step into the mystery. Let go of fear, embrace courage and choose to believe in something for which there is no evidence.

Buying into fear leads us to control and the task of trying to rationally create a future where we get what we want. But by definition it is limited to what already is - maybe just in a different form - yes maybe like reshuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic - it might look better but it's still going to sink!

Imagine if we tried to create the perfect sunset?

Black Rocks Sunset

Control will all ultimately lead to frustration because our deepest inner nature is that we are growth seeking beings - we want to expand. Expansion means stepping into the mystery, letting go of control and allowing things to grow. The mystery of life excites us.

Act With Intention, Strengthen Your Will, Hold Space, Let Go of Control, Release and Surrender the outcome to spirit...

Become Comfortable in Uncertainty.

So, where do you start with this?

Vision - what do I want?
Action - with clear intention - pure of heart based on inner truth having totally released the outcome.

That means - no "If you don't .... then I will" threats to get what you want.
No - withholding of emotions and/or affections (yes you could read SEX!) to get what you want.
No - dare I say it? - GUILT TRIPS - to get what you want.
No - whining and complaining - to get what you want.

YES to truth - "When you ... I FEEL ..."
YES to acceptance of what you get as PERFECTION based on TRUTH.
YES to FREEDOM not control.

Are you brave enough to do this?

In peace and love always.

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